What we do

As a regional knowledge hub, our core functions comprise:


Training: We coordinate inter-institution cooperation for HSCM training development, training implementation and training evaluation, including coordination, networking, and contracting activities.

Research: We coordinate inter-institution cooperation for (operational) research and dissemination of best innovative strategies and practices for decision-making at policy/planning level.  

Resource Centre: We are a broad source of HSCM knowledge and expertise for the region, and manage a Resource Center through our website. The Resource Center comprises peer-reviewed articles, report, student Master theses from partner universities, policy briefs, research institutions working on HSCM in the region, a pool of experts, useful links to events and websites etc.

Technical Assistance, Expertise and Advisory: We are home of supply chain consulting services. The supply chain experts working in the region are deployed to clients throughout the EAC to help diagnose and solve supply-chain related questions.