What we do

As a regional knowledge hub, our core functions comprise:

Training: Providing high-quality pre- and in-service training and disseminating best practices in vaccines, immunization and health supply chain management. We do this through inter-institution cooperation for HSCM training development, training implementation and training evaluation, including coordination, networking, and contracting activities.

Research, Innovation and Technical Assistance (RITA): We strive to achieve excellence in evidence-based research and dissemination of knowledge that informs best practices for HSCM and provides technical assistance. Specifically, we:

  • Catalyze the increase of research outputs and peer-reviewed publications in the area of VIHSCM by EAC research institutions through the provision of research grants.
  • Collaborate with local, regional and international research communities to compete for international research grants.
  • Coordinate inter-institution cooperation for (operational) research and dissemination of best innovative strategies and practices for decision-making at the policy/planning level.
  • Translate research outputs into policy recommendations and increase uptake and use of evidence to inform practice in areas of VIHSMC.
  • Identify, document and disseminate the home-grown innovative best practices.

RCE also provides Technical Assistance (TA) services to support countries in addressing challenges in vaccines and immunizations and health supply chain management in EAC region and beyond. The experts from our pool are deployed to our clients throughout the EAC and beyond to help diagnose and solve supply-chain related questions when request arises.

Resource Centre: We are a broad source of HSCM knowledge and expertise for the EAC Region and manage a Resource Center through our website. The Resource Center comprises peer-reviewed articles, assessment reports, master’s student’s thesis, policy briefs, research institutions working on HSCM in the region, a pool of experts, useful links to events and websites etc.

Professionalization of SCM cadres:
The RCE is also supporting the EAC Region to put in place an HSCM professionalization framework with support from partners like People that Deliver and SAPICs.

Access to Medicines (ATM):
The RCE is supporting the Community in Improving Access to Medicines (ATM) through joining the fight against substandard and falsified medicines (SSF) and institutionalization of pooled procurement mechanisms.

The (EAC) Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunisation and Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) is one of four African Centres of Excellence (ACEs) housed at the University of Rwanda. Follow the link below to learn more about all UR centres.