Postgraduate Training

The RCE offers postgraduate programs that are regionally accredited by the National Higher Education Councils of the EAC Partner States as well as by the IUCEA ( The programs are also internationally benchmarked. Since 2017, the RCE has been offering a master’s degree in Health Supply Chain Management (MHSCM) through a blended learning approach. From academic year 21/22, the RCE intends to add two new programs:

A masters’ programme in Medicines Quality Assurance and Quality Control with support from the (i) Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (ii) Quamed (iii) Medicine Quality Research Group, Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) & Mahidol Oxford Research Unit (MORU), Centre for Tropical Medicine& Global Health, University of Oxford (iv) University of Tubingen (v) Gent University and WHO.

A Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Health Logistics in collaboration with Action Medeor and Kuehne Logistics University.

Please contact the RCE-HSCM to learn more or to register: