The EAC Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunizations and Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) in collaboration with the EAC Secretariat, under the auspices of the 19th Ordinary EAC Sectoral Council of Ministers of Health is organizing the following events:

30th of October, 2019

  • Regional Steering Committee Meeting ­– Dissemination of the RCE Strategic Plan (2020-29)

31st of October, 2019

  • Second Health Sector Ministerial, Development Partners and Donor’s Roundtable Meeting (the fundraiser will also cover the EAC RCE-VIHSCM, since this is an integral arm of the EAC Health Sector)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
The meeting of the 19th Ordinary EAC Sectoral Council of Ministers of Health will run from the 27th of October to the 1st of November, 2019, beginning with the Meeting of Senior Officials, followed by that of Principal/Permanent Secretaries and culminating into the Ministerial Sessions. The aim of the Donor’s Roundtable Meeting is to mobilise resources for the EAC Health Sector, including the RCE-VIHSCM.

Since its launch, the RCE-VIHSCM has been principally funded by a grant of ten million Euro from the Federal Government of Germany (through the German Development Bank – KfW). In addition, many other partners have chipped in to support the RCE either financially or in-kind with technical support. Partners include; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), UN Agencies such as WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA, Private-Public Partnerships such as the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Whole Sellers (IFPW), UPS, as well as Civil Society Organizations such AmerisourceBergen and JSI.

The RCE-VIHSCM has also received support from industry and academic institutions such as GSK, University of Western Cape, KU Leuven, Tübingen, Khune and Michigan universities. Despite this strong field of support, the RCE-VIHSCM continues to face funding and sustainability challenges.

Our Donor’s Roundtable Meeting provides us with an opportunity to operationalize the first-ever Partners’ Forum and to fundraise for the 10-Year Strategic Sustainability Plan (2020-29).

We thank you for your continued interest in and support of the RCE-VIHSCM and we remain committed to keeping you informed about our progress. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about our activities and plans for the future.

With best regards,