Research workshop for the Master students at the RCE-VIHSM




The  students  of  Master’s  in  health  supply  chain  management  at  the  Regional  Center  of Excellence in Vaccine Immunization Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) are finalizing their course work and have already embarked on their thesis projects. The University of  Rwanda  General  academic  regulations  for  post  graduate  studies  of  28th     December  2018, request  every  master’s  students  to  submit,  together  with  their  thesis,  at  least  one  paper published or accepted for publication in a referred indexed journal of conference proceedings. The regulations and practices regarding thesis writing and supervision vary in different EAC countries and universities. Furthermore, some of the thesis supervisors suggested by students might be qualified by without experience in supervising master theses.  This requires bringing together different experiences and deciding on a good methodology for this particular project. The RCE-VIHSCM has in its mandate, supporting and undertaking research that generates evidence/knowledge that informs best practices for HSCM as well as knowledge transfer.

The thesis writing process is, for the RCE-VIHSCM, a unique opportunity to contribute to evidence generation that will inform decisions in the area of HSCM in the region.


It is against this background that the RCE has organized a workshop with the first cohort of

Master students to support them in the process of thesis related research projects.


The workshop will be an opportunity for Master students to learn from and support each other

and from their supervisors, in the finalization of their research proposals. For the RCE, the workshop  is  an  opportunity  to  bring  together  students  and  their  supervisors  to  share experiences and agree on the collaboration on this project, including decisions on methods of work,  final  products,  key  milestones  and  their  timeframes  as  well  as  mechanisms  of information sharing.


2.   Objectives of the workshop


To  support  Master  students  in  the  finalization  of  their  research  proposals  and  plan  for  the remaining work until the defence of their theses.


3.   Expected outputs


-     Improved research proposals and data collection tools

-     Roadmap for the work on theses until defence and work publishing.

-     Agreement of methodology of work including the role of students, supervisor, RCE, and information sharing mechanisms.


4.   Time


The workshop will be held from 27th to 29th   May, 2019.

From  20th    to  24th    May  2019,  students  will  be  sitting  for  their  Semester  III  exams.  They  are expected to use the weekend (25-26th May 2019) to update/improve their research proposals and prepare PowerPoint presentations for the workshop.


5.   Participants


-     All Master students (29)


-     All main supervisors

-     RCE staff (Training coordinator, Research coordinator, e-learning specialist, Web and

IT manager, Hera TA)