How we are governed

At regional and international levels, the RCE is governed through the following organogram -interfacing with EAC public universities, EPI programs and national medical stores/pharmacies, it reports to the National Steering Committee and Regional Steering Committee and eventually the EAC Council of Ministers. The RCE also reports to the Partners Forum and donors with active grants.

At the national level, the RCE reports to the University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences for academic programs, to the Deputy Vice-Chancellors for Finance and for Administration. For policy and programing the RCE reports to the National Steering Committee.

The (EAC) Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunisation and Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) is one of four African Centres of Excellence (ACEs) housed at the University of Rwanda. Follow the link below to learn more about all UR centres.