Professor Pierre Claver KAYUMBA

Pierre Claver KAYUMBA holds a Masters and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Has more than 15 years of experience as a Health System Professional in pharmaceutical, health systems management, research, and leadership. He served as Deputy Director General in charge of Medical production and Procurement and as Acting Director General of Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) for a period of 2 years. His core role was to establish and monitor financial stability and sustainability system to respond to the country goal of increasing health sector service delivery, oversee and coordinate biomedical researches as evidence base for decision making in health promotion. Before joining RBC, he served as Senior Lecturer and Vice-Dean for Post-Graduate Studies, Consultancy and Research in the Faculty of Medicine at National University of Rwanda.

Currently he is coordinating both academic and professional trainings at RCE-VIHSCM. He is making sure that the Center’s training strategy and curriculum are well implemented towards selection of highly skilled trainers in Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management, implementation of blended learning courses delivery mode and continuous application quality assurance principles.


Cell: (+250) 788309768

Twitter : @PCKayumba

Staff Phone: 
(+250) 788309768