Jean d’Amour Habagusenga

Mr Jean d’Amour Habagusenga is a highly motivated public health specialist with experience and education in health projects management, health supply chain management and human resource management for health.He is proactive, adaptive, and creative with excellent proven problem solving skills; he works well in teams and self-directed basis with ability to work in challenging physical and cross-cultural environments acquired through a wide range of projects from academia as well as professional world. He shows interest in issues related to the integration of health training programs design, management and implementation.


In the past, Jean d’Amour served as a research assistant, fieldwork coordinator, and project manager of a great lakes region project under Swedish cooperation with former National University of Rwanda. From January 2016 up to now, he is the Director of the EAC Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management.


As training background, he has got a BSc in Pyschopedagogy from University of Rwanda and an MPH with focus on Health Workforce Development from University of the Western Cape SA, in addition to a good number of professional trainings including Strategic Change Management obtained from International Centre for Parliamentary Studies in United Kingdom.



University of Rwanda/ College of Medicine and Health Sciences

School of Public Health

Phone nbr: +250788451045

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